Beyond Frequencies

Arockalyptical Soundtrack for Megalomaniacs

With a strong positioning outside common clichés Beyond Frequencies hit the mark with those music enthusiasts who long for more diversity and modern variety in the rock scene.

Beyond Frequencies was founded by singer and songwriter Mel Schweickardt. The singer with Norwegian and German roots, who grew up in Switzerland, pursued her vision of creating a fresh sound, a hybrid of different genres. By using catchy melodies of pop, combining them with typical metal patterns and putting a clean, female voice on top of it, which is rarely heard in this form in rock music. This combination gives Beyond Frequencies their unique cut, best described as Alternative Metal. Or as the band calls it with a wink «Heavy Pop». After all, the term pop is an acronym for popular - and heavy metal is more popular than ever.

Despite giving their debut only in 2020, the brand-new act is anything but new to the game. To bring Beyond Frequencies to life, cutting-edge musicians joined forces. With previous acts such as Phonoflakes, The Beauty Of Gemina or Sore Point, the entertainers toured the US, Mexico, El Salvador, and among Germany and Norway various European countries. Back in the days, two of Beyond Frequencies’ musicians, Mel and Dave, have even performed on the center stage of the infamous Burning Man Festival as well as the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood, where the Pussycat Dolls made it big

The musicians share a common belief that life is about learning and evolving. Because even when you feel like you’ve seen and heard it all, there will always exist something more in the realm of frequencies. A force that triggers a tidal wave beyond frequencies.


Beyond Frequencies are:
Mel Schweickardt
Stefan Frech
Juan Jeanpierre
Dave Meier