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«Me Megalomaniac» out on March 31, 2023

Mark your calendar! In 10 powerful songs we bridge the gap between metal and pop and tell the megalomaniac story of the creators of the empire megalomania. We can't wait!

Beyond Frequencies Dark&Stormy Best Rock Song 2023

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Out now! «Dark & Stormy» is now available on all streaming platforms

This stormy song will have you singing along after the first drink at the latest. With witty lyrics and a catchy melody we want to provide the right soundtrack for megalomaniacs who are already looking forward to the festival season and are in the mood for a good time! Cheers everyone, let's have some fun!

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All In

Now available on all streaming platforms!

Half-hearted attempts are not our thing. It's either «All In» or all out, there's nothing in between.

If you really want something, with all your heart and soul, then put all your eggs in one basket and declutter your life of the things or people that are holding you back!

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Under My Skin


We all know that feeling when looking in the mirror and seeing an aged reflection of ourselves, even if we still feel like the playful, dreaming child on the inside.«Under My Skin» celebrates the traces that real life leaves behind when you relentlessly pursue your dreams. An authentic and unique imprint that literally gets under your skin. 

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  • ⚡️NEW ALBUM⚡️

    «Me Megalomaniac» out on March 31, 2023 Mark your calendar!...

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