Barrel Of A Gun


β€žBarrel Of A Gunβ€œ and β€žEnemy Insideβ€œ are TWIN SONGS.

β€žBarrel Of A Gunβ€œ is the reckoning with the perpetrator from our previous single β€žEnemy Insideβ€œ. It describes the moment when the victim suddenly realizes what violence is being done to them. And is thus able to fend off the full destructive power of words.

You need to listen to both songs to understand the full story ⚑️


Enemy Inside


The song is catchy, very infectious, deep and heavy 🀘 Hold on tight, because "Enemy Inside" will take you by storm! 

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Eye oF The storm

New music out now! ⚑️

Once your true inner strength is ignited, you'll shed the weight that holds you down.
Can't wait to meet you in the eye of the storm!

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⚑️After Dark⚑️

Best Video Award

For years, the former residence of the Swiss media dynasty Ringier has stood empty, leaving traces of decay. The surreal aesthetic is such a phenomenal eye-catcher and provided the perfect setting for the video Β«After DarkΒ», that it made us come inΒ second place for best video at the INDUSTRY AWARDS of Metal female voices community πŸ₯ˆ

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