Rock meets classic

What if you meet your soulmate and see every little piece of their being as if it were your reflection in a broken mirror?


It took me far too long
to know what’s going on
You caught me off guard
and I see you’re coming strong
Are you really sure
you wanna open up that door?

Start walking in my shoes
you know your feet will bleed
Old scars that break open
seem to feed your very need
You take a heavy toll
but you cannot save my soul

You see through me like I were made of glass
Showing clearly bruises of my past
Forgive me for running, I hide in vain
to protect you from suffer and pain

You see through me like I were made of glass
Way too easily you tear off my mask
Revealing my darkness, I drown in fear
I’ll surrender and you’ll disappear

You conquer my demons
but I am not as tough
Why do you keep digging
is it not deep enough?
As if you found your bliss
in my personal abyss

My armor is cracking
showing a different view
Unravel my despair
brings out the best in you
I know you really care
but there are things you can’t repair

Lyrics: Blazy Flash
Music: Blazy Flash, Christoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann

About the Video

The video was filmed in a very special lost place in Germany, the former "Sanatorium Schwarzeck". This monumental building is creepy and dark just like its sad history. Join us on a tour through this stunning and breathtaking abandoned place. Symbolic for the story of «Made Of Glass».

About the Song

"There is only one person who can see through you as if you were made of glass and sees things that you cannot describe with words. Do you surrender to vulnerability, the only but painful path to bliss, or do you disappear because you fear the depth of unconditional love?" - Blazy Flash
«Made Of Glass» strikes a tense note with a melancholy that only a mix of classical music and rock can convey.

«Made Of Glass» is featured on the album «Me Megalomaniac»

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Behind the Scenes

Danke Gunter!
Thank you for the amazing support we received from Schwarzeckfreunde e.V. to film the video for «Made Of Glass» at the Sanatorium Schwarzeck.

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Add a wonderful accent to your room with this wall art of «Me Megalomaniac». This premium print is made on thick matte paper in Museum-quality. 


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