«After Dark» 

Creatures of the Night

We all struggle with our respective demons. Some more, some less. «After Dark» is all about the creatures out there, who are living on the edge and love to hide in the shelter of the night.

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  • About the Song

    "Musically, I love the arrangement and the darkness of the sound. But personally, it was challenging to associate this dark sound with the beloved person I wrote the song about. It took a while until I accepted it. Overall, I think you’ll need several listens to get into the song but will then acknowledge that it is one of the strongest songs of the album Megalomania." - Mel



    The video was filmed in a once glamorous mansion and gave it one last chance to shine. For years, the former residence of the Swiss media dynasty Ringer has stood empty, leaving clear traces of decay. The surreal aesthetic is a phenomenal eye-catcher and provides the perfect surrounding to the captivating sound of «After Dark» .

    After Dark

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