Crowdfunding - Tour 2024

Music is our passion and we love to entertain you! 

Reality is, that the cost of a tour far exceed what we as aspiring artists earn from concerts, let alone from streams. That's why we need your support 🙏 Thank you for donating to our Tour Fund 2024, so we can play live in your city soon! 🤘

Donation Pig

Every donor receives a personally signed autograph card.

Donations over 100 CHF/EUR receive an original wall art of the "Me Megalomaniac" album artwork in premium quality.

And Megalomaniac donations over 500 CHF/EUR receive a very personal surprise package on top!

What are you waiting for?! Let's fatten up this donation pig 🐷 Thank you!!!

Regular price CHF 25.00

Thank you for being a MEGALOMANIAC!

We admit that we are all just a bunch of lunatics and to top it all off, we are truly megalomaniacs - just like you! We are infinitely grateful that you are diving with us into a realm Beyond Frequencies and join us on our journey!

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