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So your partner left you and it feels like life punched you in the gut? «You» is the perfect break-up song, if you refuse to whine but still want to cry out how it feels. 


Going in back in time over and over again
Trying to find a way to understand
How something so good came to an end

Since you are gone the days pass me by
You caught me cold, you took me by surprise
You left me speechless, l can’t make a sound

Since you, you
Since you are gone
I swear the world stopped turning, time stands still
Since you, you
Since you are gone

Was it something that I’ve said or done?
How did you hide what’s messing with your mind?
Thought we were everlasting, I thought we were strong

To this day can’t find a reason why
My mind is blank, my feet still off the ground
Nothing I can do, I’m lost without you

Since you, you
Since you are gone
I swear the world stopped turning, time stands still
Since you, you
Since you are gone

You were my life, my everything, my home, part of my identity
Now that you’ve gone, you’re leaving me paralyzed
When did you stop believing in us? What made you turn away?
Was there a chance I could have made you stay?

Lyrics: Melanie Schweickardt
Music: Melanie Schweickardt, Christoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann 

About the Video

The video was filmed during our tour preparation, because we put All In for the upcoming album release in March 2023!

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About the Song

"When I talk to people about their biggest dreams, I come across so many excuses why it won't work out. Why they can't bring up the energy or time to actually go through with it. Because there are so many other things to do in life. Or that they can't afford it. Or that they don't want to cut back on their job. Or that they don't want to practice as much. Or that others tell them it won't work anyway. Or that they don't have the patience and time to go through the process it takes. Now, I don't know what your biggest dream is, but what I do know for sure is that you have to be ALL IN to make it happen." - Blazy Flash

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