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Have you ever lost orientation and been seduced by superficialities? «Shelter» is the soundtrack to put you back in your place stronger than ever!

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  • About the song

    "I wrote the song, as I watched a friend struggle because she was trying to be who she thought others wanted her to be. Instead of being proud of her true self and expressing her uniqueness. ❤️ I believe sometimes we all are in need of a shelter where we feel safe enough to be who we really are." - Mel


    Making of

    The longest walk ever towards the end of the tunnel but we didn’t see any light... 🎥 We realized the video in collaboration with Roman Meister.

    Roman constructed a device to strap spotlights around his body 💡 while holding an additional pointing light in one hand and the heavy film camera in the other hand - and simultaniously walking blindly backwards!!🚶‍♂️Can you tell by watching the video?!

    And on top of that, «Shelter» is a video that means a lot to us personally. Because in it we proudly show of our very talented and megalomaniac drummer Steff in action for the very first time.🤘 


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