Beyond Frequencies Dark&Stormy Best Rock Song 2023


February 3: new single and music video «Dark & Stormy» will be released!

This stormy song will have you singing along after the first drink at the latest. With witty lyrics and a catchy melody we want to provide the right soundtrack for megalomaniacs who are already looking forward to the festival season and are in the mood for a good time! Cheers everyone, let's have some fun!

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About the Video

The video was filmed at the infamous partymile Langstrasse in Zurich. We broadcast the premiere of the video in a live stream on February 3, 5pm CET on Youtube.

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About the Song

"There is not much to explain about this song. Imagine going out for the first time after a nasty breakup. You're done crying and ready to party and have fun again. Order a Dark & Stormy and let the story unfold itself." - Blazy Flash

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