«Zu den momentanen Überfliegern weiblich geprägter Rockbands gehören Beyond Frequencies.»

- Blick CH

«Drama statt schnöder Durchschnitt. Selten hatten wir eine so frische Band im Heft.»

- Legacy Magazine

«Beyond Frequencies bridges the gap between Pop and Metal music.»

- Muses of Metal

Arockalyptical Soundtrack for Megalomaniacs

With a strong positioning outside common clichés Beyond Frequencies hit the mark with those music enthusiasts who long for more diversity and modern variety in the rock scene.

Beyond Frequencies was founded by singer and songwriter Blazy Flash. The singer with Norwegian and German roots, who grew up in Switzerland, pursued her vision of creating a fresh sound, a hybrid of different genres. By using catchy melodies of pop, combining them with typical metal patterns and putting a clean, female voice on top of it, which is rarely heard in this form in rock music. This combination gives Beyond Frequencies their unique cut, best described as Alternative Metal. Or as the band calls it with a wink «Heavy Pop». After all, the term pop is an acronym for popular - and heavy metal is more popular than ever.

Despite giving their debut only in 2020, the brand-new act is anything but new to the game. To bring Beyond Frequencies to life, cutting-edge musicians joined forces. With previous acts such as Phonoflakes or The Beauty Of Gemina, the entertainers toured the US, Mexico, El Salvador, and among Germany and Norway various European countries.

Back in the days, two of Beyond Frequencies’ musicians, Blazy and Dave, have even performed on the center stage of the infamous Burning Man Festival as well as the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood, where the Pussycat Dolls made it big.

The musicians share a common belief that life is about learning and evolving. Because even when you feel like you’ve seen and heard it all, there will always exist something more in the realm of frequencies. A force that triggers a tidal wave beyond frequencies.


Blazy Flash

Blazy describes herself as nerd because she has an insatiable urge to study and try out new things. She realized early on that her energy is hard to grasp for others, which is why she found the perfect outlet in metal music. Still, she had a hard time finding her niche at first. Because her clean pop-like-voice and straightforward songwriting style didn’t really fit in, and she was often told she should sing ballads instead. Also, the media paint the image of pop singers as those pretty women with long, silky hair, while in metal it’s more of a filthy men’s club, with few women representing dark beauties lightly dressed in leather. Both clichés never applied to Blazy. That is why she has developed a very own style, transforming metal songcraft and pop-influenced vocals into a combination that gives Beyond Frequencies its unique identity. Furthermore, Blazy is not only the founder of Beyond Frequencies, but also the creative force of the brands BF and BFRQ. Yet another and certainly not the last outlet for her creativity.

Juan JeanPierre

You wouldn’t guess, but before Juan became this amazing, kick-ass guitarist, his first passion was the drums. Fortunately, at the age of 15 his father gave him his first electric guitar and from then on there was no stopping him. Ever since the Salvadorean-French guitarist hits the stage with devotion. Watching him stroke those strings is merely captivating.

Dave Meier

Dave fell in love with the vibrations and frequencies of music at a young age. From starting to learn the piano, to mastering the 5 strings and going multi-instrumental, he has evolved into an amazingly talented musician, who has gained extensive international live experience in Europe and overseas. The Swiss-Canadian bass player lives by the deep conviction that life is about unceasingly learning and evolving, which clearly also reflects in his constantly growing music skills.