«Die Powerfrau ist zurück!»

- Gala Magazin

«Drama statt schnöder Durchschnitt. Selten hatten wir eine so frische Band im Heft.»

- Legacy Magazine

«Beyond Frequencies bridges the gap between Pop and Metal music.»

- Muses of Metal

«Zu den momentanen Überfliegern weiblich geprägter Rockbands gehören Beyond Frequencies.»

- Blick CH

«Blazy Flash weiss wie man eingängige Songs schreibt.»

- Sonic Seducer

«Mit ihrem zweiten Album "Me Megalomaniac" präsentiert die Schweizer Band Beyond Frequencies um Sängerin Blazy Flash einen perfekten Balanceakt zwischen Rock, Pop und Metal.»

- Orkus Magazin

Welcome to Megalomania

Beyond Frequencies was founded by songwriter and singer Blazy Flash ⚡️

The musician with Norwegian and German roots, who grew up in Switzerland, pursues her vision of creating a unique style, a hybrid of different genres. A sound for megalomaniacs, who do not shy away from big dreams by making lame excuses. 


With a strong positioning outside common clichés Beyond Frequencies hit the mark with those music enthusiasts who long for more diversity and modern variety in the rock scene. Or as the Muses of Metal magazine so beautifully paraphrases: "Beyond Frequencies bridges the gap between pop and metal music".

Music as fierce as metal, a voice edgy as rock and melodies catchy as pop. A collision of musical universes that ignites a striking Blazy Flash.


Before entering the music scene with Beyond Frequencies, Blazy Flash toured Mexico and
the USA with her former band Phonoflakes. She rocked the Center Stage at the infamous Burning Man Festival three years in a row. And she has performed at the legendary Viper Room, where the Pussy Cat Dolls once made it big.
As co-songwriter of the song "Josephine", she achieved international
recognition in 2012 as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

 In 2013, Blazy Flash retired from the music scene, as she thought, for good. But things turned out differently. In 2020, she celebrated her comeback with Beyond Frequencies.


Since debuting in October 2020, Beyond Frequencies has released 2 studio albums and a remarkable 20 music videos, with over 2,5 million views and counting and earned the song "After Dark" an Industry Award in the Best Music Video category. The song "Voodoo" was described by Indonesia's Zoo TV as "Lady Gaga meets Evanescence" and the song "Back Off" was even voted #4 of the Top 20 Hottest Songs of 2022 by the Metal Industry Magazine community.


In 2023, after the long wait due to the pandemic, the Swiss band finally presented their breathtaking sound live on stage when they accompanied the brazilian band Semblant on their European tour through eight countries.


On September 5, 2024, Beyond Frequencies will release the EP "Eye Of The Storm" , which is a harbinger of the announced third album.

The sound has become slightly edgier without losing their knack for catchy melodies.

The first single of the same name will be released on April 25, 2024.

Beyond Frequencies in the Studio

Blazy Flash writes the songs for Beyond Frequencies together with Christoph Siemons and Fabian Zimmermann. Two experienced German producers who are known for their work with Krypteria, Adel Tawil and Betontod, among others. Like Blazy Flash, both Christoph and Fabian enjoy exploring music beyond the boundaries of genres and give Beyond Frequencies their distinctive cut.

Beyond Frequencies Live on Stage

To bring Beyond Frequencies from the studio to the stage, Blazy Flash joined forces with cutting-edge live musicians like Diego Pieres (guitar), Sandro Brunner (drums) and Sandro Suter (bass). Beyond Frequencies is a dedicated crew that shares the common belief that life is about learning and evolving.

Because even when you feel like you’ve seen and heard it all, there will always exist something more in the realm of frequencies. A force that triggers a tidal wave beyond frequencies.


Blazy Flash

Blazy Flash is by far the nerdiest rockstar you can imagine, because she has an insatiable urge to study and try out new things. She realized early on that her extra amount of energy is hard to grasp for others, which is why she found the perfect outlet in metal music.

Furthermore, Blazy Flash is not only the founder of Beyond Frequencies and creative force behind the BF brands, but also event host and presenter. You can listen to her captivating keynote speeches at business and innovation forums, where she represents music industry entrepreneurs like herself.

Sandro Brunner

Sandro is a kick-ass live drummer who is fierce like a megalomaniac with feet that are fast and furious hitting every single double kick with full force🤘
This year, Sandro has earned his diploma with Agostini Drum School. And if you wanna improve your own drumming skills, Sandro teaches at the Freaktal Drum School.

Diego Pires

Diego is not only the live guitarist with Beyond Frequencies, but also songwriter and producer on his own projects. Diego has more than 22 years of experience and has played over 500 concerts worldwide and recorded more than 10 studio albums. He started his music career in his home country Brazil and lucky for us, brought his talent to Europe in 2018 when he moved to Germany. We are thrilled that Diego is now joining Beyond Frequencies live on stage with his heavy and versatile guitar playing!

Sandro Suter

Already in elementary school, Sandro began playing brass band music on the cornet and developed his devotion to music. Soon he discovered his special admiration for the low frequencies and switched to the tuba at an early age. And since Sandro is a passionate metalhead, no wonder he eventually found his way to the bass. Thanks to his incredible dedication and diligence, he developed into a strong bass player in no time and now kicks ass on stage with Beyond Frequencies.