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All In

Half-hearted attempts are not our thing. It's either «𝗔𝗹𝗹 𝗜𝗻» or all out, there's nothing in between. If you really want something, with all your heart and soul, then put all your eggs in one basket and declutter your life of the things or people that are holding you back!


Leave me alone with halfh-earted attempts
A waste of energy
Lavish words won’t cover missing content
A waste of poetry

If there is nothing to throw you of track
Why do you hold on?
If there is nothing taking your breath
Why do you black out?

Are you in or are you out?
Devotion leaves no room for doubt
There ain't nothing in between
You’ve gotta strive for the extreme

Don’t apologize for missing drive
A waste of sympathy
Make up your mind what’s keeping you alive
Don’t lose your dignity

If there is nothing that blows your mind
Why are you out of breath?
If there is nothing you would follow blind(ly)
Why do you get off track?

Are you in or are you out?
Devotion leaves no room for doubt
There ain't nothing in between
You’ve gotta strive for the extreme

Your heart starts wildly pumping
As you feel the unforseen
You can tell it’s all or nothing
Not something in between


Lyrics: Blazy Flash
Music: Blazy FlashChristoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann

About the Video

The video was filmed during our tour preparation, because we put All In for the upcoming album release in March 2023!

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About the Song

"When I talk to people about their biggest dreams, I come across so many excuses why it won't work out. Why they can't bring up the energy or time to actually go through with it. Because there are so many other things to do in life. Or that they can't afford it. Or that they don't want to cut back on their job. Or that they don't want to practice as much. Or that others tell them it won't work anyway. Or that they don't have the patience and time to go through the process it takes. Now, I don't know what your biggest dream is, but what I do know for sure is that you have to be ALL IN to make it happen." - Blazy Flash

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