Eye Of The Storm

Release on April 25

Once your true inner strength is ignited, you'll shed the weight that holds you down.
We can't wait to meet you in the eye of the storm! 

Blown away by a force simply supernatural
Thunderbolts electric and magical
Light up the sky, clouds are inflammable
Like a blazing flash we become unstoppable

We are going round in circles
Until we meet in the eye of the storm
Losing time and space
In a sacred place

Carried away into the unpredictable
Taking off feeling incredible
At the speed of light simply unbelievable
Like a spinning twister we become invincible

We are going round in circles
Until we meet in the eye of the storm
Losing time and space
In a sacred place

We take off the ground
Shedding the weight that keeps us down

Lyrics: Blazy Flash
Music: Blazy FlashChristoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann



video out now!

About the video

The video was filmed in a very special lost place in Germany, the former "Sanatorium Schwarzeck". This monumental building once housed a gambling hall, the perfect place to play a «Vicious Game».

About the Song

"Swoosh back together with your ex, even though you swore you'd never make the same mistake again? Even though you broke up because you both know that it's just not right? Get yourself out of this vicious cycle, this bad habit won't get you anywhere." - Blazy Flash

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Danke Gunter!
Thank you for the amazing support we received from Schwarzeckfreunde e.V. to film the video for «Vicious Game» at the Sanatorium Schwarzeck.

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