Official Music Videos

  • Cast A Spell

    Cast A Spell

    It takes two to give up on a relationship. As long as there is still belief, it is not destined to be over. There is a reason why faith remains, as there is a reason when faith fades. Cast A Spell is about that moment when you realize it's worth fighting because neither of you have given up yet. And you know if you dare to cast one last spell, together you'll be stronger than ever.
  • Good


    How many times have you been caught in a downward spiral, afraid that old mistakes might be repeated? But you have learned something from your past mistakes! Life could be so beautiful if you didn't let past experiences constantly slow you down. It's time to cast off the shadows of the past and stop standing in your own way. Then everything will be good!
  • Back Off

    Back Off

    How come everyone has an opinion about how you should live your life? Don't we all have that one person in our lives who gives us serious advice without being asked? Who wants to put us on the right, socially accepted path because we’ve supposedly lost our way? Once and for all: «Back Off»! 
  • After Dark

    After Dark

    We all struggle with our respective demons. Some more, some less. «After Dark» is about an alcoholic who is living on the edge, but somehow still manages to hide the addiction and cope with everyday life. But you can clearly tell it's a balancing act in its final phase.
  • Died


    So you thought you knew someone inside and out? And suddenly they show their true colors? As if the person you once knew had «Died»!
  • Shelter


    Have you ever lost orientation and been seduced by superficialities? «Shelter» is the soundtrack to put you back in your place stronger than ever!

  • Voodoo


    You will get goosebumps all over, that make you believe there is more out there, something beyond the realm of frequencies.
  • Favorite Mistake

    Favorite Mistake

    Here you are, trying to resist a higher force because you want to do what is supposedly considered right according to the norms of our society. But deep down, you know it is inevitable, so you might as well just give in and savor your favorite mistake. With catchy guitar riffs and a strong chorus «Favorite Mistake» expresses the tension you feel when life forges out other plans for you.
  • Give Me A Break

    Give Me A Break

    Do you know that feeling, when someone rants on and on? And you can’t bear a single word because you have heard it all before? «Give Me A Break» puts an end to the tiresome repetition of speeches. This powerful song is carried by strong guitars that are tantamount to a wild chase in real James Bond manner.
  • Unless You Try

    Unless You Try

    What power, what whirlwind is triggered when you finally decide to do what you know is right from the bottom of your heart. «Unless You Try» is the perfect soundtrack for life-changing events. The song strikes your very nerve, when you struggle and hesitate to make a big decision.
  • You


    Our very first single is out now!
    «You» is definitely the song with the strongest pop appeal on our record «Megalomania». With this song, we wanna carefully guide you to the beginning of Beyond Frequencies’ journey before adding more force to each of our following songs. Enjoy the ride!