«Me Megalomaniac»

Let the spirit of a megalomaniac carry you away in a storm, and you’ll get struck by a blazing flash ⚡️
Follow her down the dark rabbit hole of electrifying mind twists until you reach a sacred place beyond frequencies, the realm of megalomania.

Beyond Frequencies Blazy Flash Me Megalomaniac

About the album

«Me Megalomaniac» is the second album of Beyond Frequencies and was released on March 31, 2023

Just as with the debut album «Megalomania» Beyond Frequencies again worked with Christoph Siemons and Fabian Zimmermann for the follow-up album. Two German producers who are known for their work with Krypteria, Adel Tawil and Betontod, among others. In their usual style, Beyond Frequencies bridges the gap between metal and pop with 10 strong songs. A collision of musical
universes that ignites a striking Blazy Flash who tells the megalomaniac story of the creators of the empire megalomania.

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Double Album - CD Limited Edition

«Me Megalomaniac» & «Megalomania» Double-Album

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Limited edition: 
This double album is a limited physical edition of our new album ME MEGALOMANIAC and of our debut album MEGALOMANIA!

Song list: 

Me Megalomaniac

1. Good
2. Not Done Yet
3. Burning Bridges
4. Cast A Spell
5. Under My Skin
6. Dark & Stormy
7. Swipe Right
8. All In
9. Vicious Game
10. Made Of Glass


11. Give Me A Break
12. Shelter
13. Voodoo
14. Unless You Try
15. Back Off
16. Favorite Mistake
17. After Dark
18. Died
19. You

Featured songs on «Me Megalomaniac»