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Let the spirit of a megalomaniac carry you away in a storm, and you’ll get struck by a blazing flash ⚡️
Follow her down the dark rabbit hole of electrifying mind twists until you reach a sacred place beyond frequencies, the realm of megalomania.

Beyond Frequencies Blazy Flash Me Megalomaniac

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Music as fierce as metal, a voice edgy as rock and melodies catchy as pop.

A collision of musical universes that ignites a striking Blazy Flash who tells the megalomaniac story of the creators of the empire megalomania.

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Double Album - CD Limited Edition

«Me Megalomaniac» & «Megalomania» Double-Album

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Limited edition: 
This double album is a limited physical edition of our new album ME MEGALOMANIAC and of our debut album MEGALOMANIA!

Song list: 

Me Megalomaniac

1. Good
2. Not Done Yet
3. Burning Bridges
4. Cast A Spell
5. Under My Skin
6. Dark & Stormy
7. Swipe Right
8. All In
9. Vicious Game
10. Made Of Glass


11. Give Me A Break
12. Shelter
13. Voodoo
14. Unless You Try
15. Back Off
16. Favorite Mistake
17. After Dark
18. Died
19. You

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1x Double album CD (Me Megalomaniac & Megalomania!)
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Featured songs on «Me Megalomaniac»