Whatever you have seen, wherever you have been, there will always be something growing beyond the here and now. A constant flow that swells and evolves. And you will be hit relentlessly by its waves until you learn to ride the higher frequencies that lead you into the gleaming realm of megalomania.

About the Album

Debut-Album «Megalomania» – Release: October 23, 2020

Metal 2.0, heavy pop or radio-friendly rock?! In numerous comments the fans of Beyond Frequencies puzzle over with which tag the music can be classified. But who actually cares about the labeling?! They all agree: the music really gets under your skin. The strong positioning beyond common

clichés hits the mark with those music enthusiasts whose

playlists contain songs from all genres, because they long for

more variety in the metal scene.

Available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, YoutubeMusic, Amazon, Deezer and many other platforms.