Give me a break

How many times we’ve stumbled before?

Painful with every blow

Nothing I could do

To stop this rant from you


Old dust whirled up I can’t see anymore

Irritating like ever before

Nothing I could do

To stop this speech from you


Give me a break

I’ve heard it a thousand times before

Give me a break

I can’t take this, take this anymore

Give me a break

Some space, I need to breath

Give me a break


Your voice rumbles down, hard to ignore

Repeating what you’ve said before

Nothing I could do

To stop this flood from you


These voices in my head keep fucking with my mind

Repeating what you said at least a thousand times

In an endless loop you rant on and on and on

I’ve heard enough of it, it’s time to shut you down.


(Beyond Frequencies)

Lyrics: Melanie Schweickardt

Music: Melanie Schweickardt

Christoph Siemons

Fabian Zimmermann