Loosing track of what you’re really looking for
Are you’re blinded, blinded by your chore?
Overwhelmed by boundless possibilities
Are you tempted, tempted to peek?
Stay away from depravity
Its bond is not coming for free

Pushing closer to the edge of your control
Are you tempted, tempted to let go?
Of the weight of your responsibility
Where are you going, going from here?
Stand clear of their graceless greed
It’s not worth the indignity

Surrounded by the darkest night
When you’re in need of sparks of fire
A place where you can hide away
I’ll be your shelter
Your defense against the shame

Are you done with chasing popularity?
Who are you trying, trying to be?
To vain the beauty underneath
Are you blinded, blind by jealousy?
Hold on to your wildest dream
It might be for infinity

Lyrics: Blazy Flash
Music: Blazy FlashChristoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann