Under my Skin

Take a look in the mirror
All I see
Is a tiny little girl
Staring back at me
With sparkling eyes
And the biggest smile
Dwelling in fantasies
Of how great her life would be 

I take a closer look
It takes me back in shock
Wrinkles all over the place
Carved deeply into my face
Remind me of where I have been
Of all the things I have seen
Memories I won’t erase
Leaving hints all over the place

Life under my skin
A tattoo drawn without ink
An unmistakable trace
Written all over my face

Take a look in the mirror
All I see
Is a lady middle aged
Smiling back at me
Still with sparkling eyes
Now framed by pretty lines
Still dwelling in fantasies
What’s more in life to see

I take a closer look
It sets me back in shock
Have I wasted half of my life?
Am I running out of time?
To be who I want to be
To leave my legacy
I won’t put my dreams on hold
Just because I’m getting old


Lyrics: Blazy Flash
Music: Blazy FlashChristoph Siemons, Fabian Zimmermann